Crop Circle (Vesica Piscis) – part 1

On June 8th, 2021, a crop circle appeared near Wooten Rivers, Wiltshire, UK. 48 hours later an Annular Solar Eclipse event delighted countless astronomy fans in many areas of the world. This crop circle is a beautifully constructed artistic AND geometric celebration delivered with loving attention to detail that reveals a number series inherent in the sacred Vesica Piscis. (Hint: that 48 hours advance notice was not insignificant!)
I have never analyzed a crop circle before but this one called to me and I simply had to go down the rabbit hole. It reminds me of the tremendous care and precision of the geometric constants hidden in the title page of Shakespeare’s Sonnets. See here:
Very special thanks to The Hampshire Flyer for their excellent drone footage which is used here by permission.
The still photo I used as the most accurate horizontal plane picture was sent to me via social media. I’ve done my best to source it but the name was cut off at the bottom. It looks like it is © Stonehenge Prographics.
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