World’s most efficient overunity ultrasonic water heater from WITTS – World Improvement Through The Spirit Ministries is showing the world’s most efficient overunity ultrasonic water heater.
A stainless steel sphere with 1.7 gallons of water starts at 101 degrees F and rises to 184 degrees F in two minutes from 1.62 watts input from a 9 volt battery supplying .18 amps.
Normally 1.7 US gallons of water would require 10,296 watts of energy at 100% efficiency to be raised from 101 to 184 degrees F in 2 minutes. This is super efficient at over 6000 X more heat from the input of electricity.
There are no catalysts, heavy water or other exotic materials required as in cold fusion and no harmful radiation is released. The stimulus for this research & development was John Keely’s Sympathetic Vibratory Physics using frequencies in combination with shapes of materials.

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