Why Aren’t Our Governments Informing Us About Imminent Crop Shortages? (PT1/2)

Dennis Delaurier from the and David DuByne from the ADAPT 2030 YT channel discuss increasing space radiation from the Grand Solar Minimum affecting global food production across the continents and how this has begun to affect the economy, supply chains and ultimately our civilization.
•Electromagnetic changes in our Sun •Global awareness of the changes around us intensifying
•Perception of stability is worth more than the actual dollar value
•2022 the global food shortages begin
•Only 4% of money in the world is in physical form
•Walipini greenhouses
•Self sufficiency
•Earth cooling cycles
•Peter Ridd reef studies Australia Great Barrier Reef
•Government awareness of the Grand Solar Minimum
•Wholesalers aren’t replenishing they are getting rid of what they have

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