Shamangineer | Water Alchemy, Fringe Science, & Viktor Schauberger

Join host Greg Carlwood of The Higherside Chats podcast as he guest returning guest, Shamangineer, put their next notch in the belt with another installment in their elemental series, water.
As we explore the world around us, it’s seeming more and more like the realms of science are not reflecting to us “the culmination of human knowledge and unbiased progress” but rather a carefully crafted paradigm in which the lab-coat-clad quarantiners have roped off areas that interfere with the profits of their monopolistic paymasters and the capstone cabal has made sure to  strategically structure their “fancy educational institutions” to leave any information that might lead to opening these doors, scattered across the cutting room floor.
But there are plenty of rabbit holes full of erased history, dismissed discoveries, and destroyed scientists to look at, for those curious enough to take the journey, and that’s what we’re doing today specifically in the realm of that mysterious, magical, and essential element: Water.
As many of you know, we’re methodically working through a series of chats that revolve around alchemy and the elements with Plus member and wise sage – Shamangineer.
So far we have knocked out two previous shows: 1st we started with the “Air” episode where we talked about Aether theory, that wild little substance called ORMUS, and the mysterious airships of the Sonora Aeroclub….and then we followed that up with the “Earth” episode where we talked about the advanced perma-culture practices of the native Americans, enriching the soil through strange means and the power of the bio-char process….and today we’re tackling the realm of Water Alchemy, talking about some of  its under the radar qualities, and exploring the work of brilliant minds they don’t want you to know about….
Back in the saddle for another wild ride, my friend and yours the Shamangineer.

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