Piranesi, ART, and tARTaria with ARTofDiNo – Thoughts on World Construction, Ancient Masters n More

Remember.. it’s ALL Theory..
But not just me, Everyone is creating Theories. Especially the ones in the top selling books, so these are my Thoughts, and what pops into my head when pondering the infinite potential of Our Worlds True Historical Past.
Giovanni Battista Piranesi was a MASTER of Art and of Architectural drawing and etching into his copper plates. He dominated the print market and his Art demanded people give it all a deep and detailed look, while making them think… I encourage this as well and have always wanted to make people THINK! I share this magical desire with this man who lived in the 1700s, so I wonder..

I also propose a thought that this world is a MASSIVE construction of some kind.. a HUGE ever growing building over time.. pointing to the most ancient of civilizations, the builders, the original Civilization of ARTISTS… a way of explaining the immense systems of tunnels, ruins in Canyons and Mountains, mysteries of the Underground????

Who knows?? maybe someone… but either way it’s fun to think about.. while we still have the freedom of thought… let’s all use it, and uncover the Truth of Our Human Ancestors… are we the pets of the ones who made all these things?? do they still exist further on the plane?? are they watching and protecting us?? how the heck did we ever WIN over them?? so much to think about and Wonder…

Feel Free to Share your thoughts..

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