Law of Creation of Energy 1820 – 2021

Our innovations and the scientific explanations that support them have advanced considerably since David Lisk’s early evaluation in 2013 and our original demonstration and performance validation at MIT in 2007.
What we will be demonstrating if IRAP follows-up are US patented Canadian electric generator and motor innovations which:
1) Require zero mechanical power input power when generating any amount of electric output power. (
2) Accelerate the prime mover (perform Positive Work) rather than decelerate (perform Negative Work) when generating any amount of electric output power with Electromagnetic Field Energy that is created.
3) When operated as an electric motor, Positive Work, Kinetic Energy increase (system acceleration) is performed without any externally supplied energy. (
Created Electromagnetic Field Energy performs Negative Work (system Kinetic Energy reduction) in all conventional electric generators which then requires additional input energy to be supplied to the generator by the prime mover.
In fossil-fuel based electric power generation the Negative Work which is performed inside all electric generators by created Electromagnetic Field Energy results in 100% of all the global C02 and air pollution produced.
In addition 100% of the financial cost of electricity generation is also a direct result of the Negative Work performed.
However when the generator’s Load Current is delayed in the Time Domain as it is with the US patented ReGenX Generator innovation, the Negative Work is then reversed and Positive Work is performed with this exact same, albeit Time Delayed created Electromagnetic Field Energy. (
4) At the pending NRC IRAP demo we will be demonstrating how this energy is created.
5) How this created energy performs Negative Work in all electric generators (according to Lenz’s Law of Induction) and how it now can now perform Positive Work in ReGenX Generators as a result of Heins’ Law of Induction.
6) How Electromagnetic Field Energy has always been energy that is created and how this energy’s creation (and discovery of the Law of Creation of Energy) is originally credited to Hans Christian Ørsted in 1820.
Law of Creation of Energy History 1820 – 2007:…
7) We will be demonstrating how the ReGen-X Motor and ReGenX Generator can be integrated into an electric vehicle and how Electric Vehicle Regenerative Acceleration (IE EV battery recharging with vehicle acceleration) can be produced. (
ReGen-X Motor Electrical Vehicle Operation:
8) Finally we will be presenting that; because energy is constantly being created within our universe – the identification of the structure of our universe must be changed from an Isolated System to an Infinite System in order to accommodate this new information.
Thanks again with kind regards
Thane Thane C. Heins
President and CEO, Potential +/- Difference Inc.

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