Degiheugi – Foreglow

Degiheugi “Foreglow” new album (Official full audio) ! Album disponible en vinyle 👉…
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“Foreglow” sortie le 23 avril 2021 🛎
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Tracklisting :
0:00 One Two (L’introduction)
2:15 Let Me Down
5:14 Nuday Feat Andrre
9:35 There Ain’t Nothing Left to Do
12:19 Final Round (feat. Hugo Kant)
16:28 Let’s Burn
18:27 Straight Murder (feat. Miscellaneous & ASM)
22:48 Tu fais semblant
25:24 Woman
28:54 Forever
32:54 Life Goes Down
36:31 Afterglow
39:22 Favelas (feat. Zackarose)
43:04 Avant
46:57 Just a Little More
All tracks composed, recorded by Degiheugi except “Final Round” composed by Degiheugi & Hugo Kant and “Favelas” composed by Degiheugi & Zakarose
Additional saxophone on “Nuday” et “Woman” by Johann Guihard
Additionals scratch on “Final Round” by RAINCUT
Mixed by Mr Gib @ One Two Passit
Mastered @ Kasablanka Mastering Illustration by Dulk

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