Controlling Our Freedom

In this rant video, Controlling Our Freedom, I will discuss some possible solutions to the modern paradigm we find ourselves in. We will touch on some modern day controller parasites hiding in plain sight and a simple way to cut their stranglehold. Also some simple laws that could be put in place by people coming together regardless of stupid political parties would include an income tax no higher than 10% at most.
Finally I touch on land and how we are all born homeless and laws that we could come together and change, for the betterment of humanity, regardless of political parties. In fact we need to renounce parties and begin voting for the better person. Another option I discuss in my book published in 2013, Off Grid- A Guide to Living Free (link below), is the option I chose and currently live today. What I felt was my only choice to escape modern slavery. I know this option is not for everyone, hence me bringing up the option presented in todays video.
This video, along with my last one, are thanks to my friend Bob, a former co-worker who does not believe that we were taught a false historical narrative. Our visits usually end up with heavy philosophical debates which later prompt me to make videos on the subject matter. One such conversation eventually led me to quit my job. He had mentioned that his grandfather said ”it would be better to sell hot dogs on the street corner than to work for another man”.
Ps. Another option is presented by the last recommended channel below. It’s heavy and we need to research it more. EeoN presents knowledge of the system that is already in place. Understanding the laws so completely that we can, and all do have the ability to create currency, and legally charge off our debts, just like the banksters. This option is about understanding and using the laws that “they” created for themselves and can only be enforced with “our” signatures.
Thanks and I hope you enjoy. God bless you all!

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