Buddy James: Geometry of the Electric Universe | Thunderbolts

Inside every significant philosopher, astronomer or scientist is a geometer trying to get out. First principles of geometry taught atomic material is formed out of nested platonic solid spinning and that the spiral is a core structure. Witness the whirlpool—part of worldwide folklore and symbol for origins of life and energy.

For example, we observe octaves, as well as harmonies of sound abiding scalar laws. Wave nested within wave behavior is called a Dougherty set. In a universe of electromagnetic induction, could the Dougherty set be a master key to the EU Model?

Cartographer, Interdisciplinary Geometer, and EU advocate Buddy James presents a primer on how geometry is embedded within the EU Model of Cosmology. Welcome a fresh voice devoted to decode this critical component in understanding the Electric Universe.

The Geometric View Buddy James podcast with guest geometers.…

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