BRAINWAVE Science: Third Eye, Direct Inner Vision

BRAINWAVE Science: Third Eye, Direct Inner Vision, We travel to ‘s-Hertogenbosch in the Netherlands to visit Iris Huizing. She guides children in discovering the amazing ability to perceive and directly see their surroundings (and more) without using their physical eyes. Also known as direct vision, or outer vision. They do this while wearing a mask that completely shuts off any incoming light. Really seeing without their eyes.
Vindur, the niece of Iris, is showing us her ability to do several things with a blindfold on. Patrick Botte is also here to measure the brainwave activity during this practice with the flame in mind application ( We use the brainwave feedback of this app to be able to explain the science behind this ability with the help of Dan Winter. We discuss other benefits from learning this ability and also try to learn the ability ourselves.
In 2018 Iris was trained by Nicola Farmer and Since January 2019 she is a certified trainer in the ICU Awareness Program provided by Nicola’s ICU Academy. (
More information related to direct vision: Nicola Farmer – ICU academy:
Qualified ICU teachers training outer vision:
Recording of the outer vision experiment at the university of Bari, Italy, led by professor Elio Conte:…
Different schools around the world: Midbrain activation, Vibravision, Outer Vision, Extra Occular Vision (EOV), Direkte Informative Wahrnehmung, Infovision.

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