BARDCODE : Sonnets Preview

This video is intended for a general audience as an ‘entry-level’ introduction to this stunning conundrum Shakespeare left for posterity. In the video I mention that there’s a dedicated YouTube channel for those who wish to double-check the deeper math for themselves. For convenience that resource has been relocated under the MATH menu at the website — — Many important questions are more thoroughly answered there than were possible to address in this short introductory video. I hope the true nerds amongst you will avail yourselves of this deeper data.
A few astute observers have commented that they think they’ve spotted an error concerning the 3:4:5 triangle, GEB. The error is not in the mathematics, however, it’s in my omission of slides for that triangle. I used the average hypotenuse, 37.79, without thoroughly explaining it – and many therefore assumed this value was applicable to the 3:4:5 triangle. I should’ve made that clearer and I apologize for the confusion it caused. Again, if you visit here — — you’ll see that the minor omissions necessitated by tailoring this video for widespread appeal all resolve themselves.
(The secret lies in the ‘G’ dot being so much larger than all the others!)

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